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"Lift Your Vibe" Series
# 2 Practice
Creating Your Own Set of Personal, Uplifting Affirmations!

One of the quickest ways to "Lift Your Vibe"
is to create your own set of powerful mantra's or affirmations. These affirmations can be a real source of power for you. It requires you to take some time and and think about what you really want "more of" in your life and then create a statement for yourself that has you claiming it in the present tense.
Example:" I want to wake up refreshed and happy each morning" becomes "
I AM waking up happy and refreshed each morning"...ahh you get the idea..the" I AM" or I has you already there. Your subconscious doesn't know that this is not a reality and will begin to produce this for you... in your experience. True Story. Test it.
Why Make up Your Own?
When you make up your own, they contain even more power for you. But you must "FEEL" the mantra..(not just think it). You will want to SLOW down when you say it and " FEEL" what you "FEEL" like when you say it!!! Does it feel like a good match for you? Is it believable? Sounds crazy, but it is true. If you aren't feeling it...come up with another one! Seriously! Why? Because the emotion coupled with the mantra, brings it into your experience! WORD! Sometimes we need a little bit of help with this so this is why you are seeing Gandi's Top Ten Fundamentals at the top of this blog post. These may inspire you to begin to think about what you want to create "more of" in your life. I will turn these into a more personal nature below for each of his and show you how ANY positive statement can become part of our own mantra toward upliftment. We just change the verbage, to personalize it into our own experience. Just a few examples for you. I also have included a couple of my own, that I have been saying for years. The last one is one of my moms that I really like. She is a big creator of affirmations, so the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree. Make up your own powerful affirmations and share them with me in the comment box if you like. I would love to hear them. You can comment now, even if you do not have a goggle account..Choose Anonymous in the box, when you comment and it will allow you to post your comment.
Here Ya Go~!
Have a blessed and happy week!

Change Yourself
I am continually changing myself into the best version of me.

You are In Control
I control my own life, through making decisions and taking actions that have me feeling really good, peaceful and happy.

Forgive and Let Go
I forgive myself and others. All ways. Always.

Take Care of this Moment
I take special care of all my NOW MOMENTS and SLOW DOWN to experience the Gift in the Present Moment.

Without Action You Aren't Going Anywhere
Every action I make is leading me into a higher state of being.

Everyone is Human
I love everyone and accept that they are human and beautiful just as they are.

See The Good in People and Help Them
I see nothing but the good, in people and am available to help them by loving them as they are.

I am persistent in my endeavor to Be at Peace with
"What Is".

Be Congruent, Be Authentic, Be Your True Self

It is now safe for me to be authentic and true to what I feel and what I want and who I really am.

Continue to Grow and Evolve
I am continuing to grow and evolve and am loving every minute of the experience.

-A few of my own-

I am always in the right place, at the right time, successfully engaged in activities that are prosperous to me. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, Fiscally, and Spiritually.

Everything I need and want is coming to me easily and effortlessly.

I am thankful for all that I have been given, Continually grateful for ALL.

GOOD follows Me everywhere.

I am healthy, whole and complete.

I am a beneficial presence.

Mom's Mantra for Health

I am vibrantly ALIVE- all my organs of Inspiration, Expression, Circulation, Assimilation, Elimination, cells, atoms, blood, bones, flesh, are perfect and whole.

Yeah Mom! She's 92 and still kickin'!

So there! You get the idea! Have at it! Come up with a few and keep them by your bedside. Say them, Memorize them if you want. It is also good to have these mantra's to pull out of your hat when someone or something happens to knock you off your course during the day. They will automatically get you back into "your story" and keep you from entering into a situation that may be dis-empowering to you!
Have Fun and remember BE LOVE!!!


Peace In You!,

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