Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Lift Your Vibe" Series
# 3 Practice
Creating Your Own Mission Statement!

One of the quickest ways to "Lift Your Vibe"
is to create your own mission statement, read it everyday and find like-minded people that share in your mission, hang with them and create for each other a support team. 

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." -- Mahatma Ghandi

What is your mission and do you hang with like-minded enthusiasts that see and are committed to the same vision? Do you have a mission that you get up everyday to spread around? Do you have a group of friends that share in your vision? Are they committed to doing the work? Are you? A feeling of connectedness is so important to our BALANCE, HAPPINESS and WHOLENESS, making it vital that we hang with like-minded people who share our dreams and life mission. Why? It creates more energy toward the intention and facilitates change FASTER and more profoundly.

Writing a 
mission statement! 
There is a great amount of information on-line to tell you how to write a business mission statement...a personal one is a bit different. Brevity is important, as a CLEAR statement of intention and desire is easy and simple on the brain and emotions.
 FEEL IT when you write it. Stay away from wordy, complicated ones. Let it just flow out of you!

Make a list of Friends, Shopping Choices, On-line Sites, and Groups and Activities that Support your Mission!

Go through your list is friends and pick the ones that have the closest vision to you, of where you are going.Call them! Share ideas! I heard this once spoken and think it is great. " You will become most like the five closest people you hang out with."  Choose those five wisely. I think this also goes for where we shop and give our dollars to, our on-line views, communication and reads, and the groups we are committed to. The activities that we do each week- " Are they taking us closer to our purpose? "

Create a Daily and Master "TO-DO List" that has your Mission Statement on It!
 At the top of the sheet- copy and paste your mission statement in, so you are reminded daily of where your are going!  Journal on the back of the sheet, the serendipitous things throughout the day that happen, that are leading you into your work! Also.... if your mission seems weak to you...who cares? It's your movie and you get to make it up anyway you like!

FREEDOM is your Birthright. EMBRACE IT! 

Most of all -enjoy this process and remember ,,,,,..wherever there are two or more joined together,,,there is more power, unity, healing, focus and magic and miracles start to take place.

If you want to take this to the next level and knock out that word I used earlier- BREVITY-Listen to this lady. It is good! Just more !


Peace, Love and Connections!


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